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Special Needs Prevocational Program

Gather for Good is partnering with Creative LifeStyles, Inc. in their efforts to match their intellectually disabled participants with volunteer opportunities in NYC's Five Boroughs and Westchester. The program helps them to build a volunteer resume and develop a vocational goal in preparation for gainful employment. 

  • Each placement site agrees to provide work for one or more program participants, at least one day per week.

  • Participants are accompanied by a Job Coach at all times. ⁣

  • Participants are available Monday through Saturday.

  • Transportation to and from the site is arranged by Creative LifeStyles.⁣



This is a life changing project! Some of our volunteer placement sites include:



Let us help these amazing individuals to reach their greatest potential. If your for-profit or non-profit organization is interested in participating in this Prevocational Program, please contact us below.

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